Our Services

Surface Mount – Solder paste printing, pick & place, reflow (hot air convection), inspection and rework.

Through-Hole – Wave solder (lead and lead free), inspection, rework, and aqueous cleaning.

Electro-Mechanical – Final product assembly including the assembly and integration of chassis, power supply, cables and functional test.

Testing – Functional, Quality Assurance testing.

Solder – Lead-free (SN/Ag/Cu), (SN) and eutectic (Sn63/Pb37), both no-clean and water soluble.

Full Turnkey Capabilities
– Purchasing, incoming inspection, secure stock area

Rigid and flexible printed circuit boards, FR-4, G-10, Polyimide, Kapton, Teflon. HASL, OSP, Immersion tin, Immersion silver, ENIG and gold plating, IS-410 (RoHS/lead free compatible).

Single or double sided printed circuit board assembly with both pure or mixed technology components.

Populate all component types including BGA, uBGA, multichip modules, fine pitch and quad flat packages.